A Casa da Chavella

                      Carefully decorated, A Casa da Chavella, is a luxurious contemporary country house, early last century, completely renovated to enjoy the chic style of rustic life.

           It is located in the area with the most spectacular natural coastal landscapes of Galicia, Costa da Morte, and in it, his jewel, is an area from the Bergantinyos Caión to Malpica. Cliffs, beaches and dunes, marshes and lagoons retain their beauty as part of a large away from mass tourism and where even a day protected natural area unexplored and still lie either August can take long walks along beautiful beaches almost deserted.

           The house is in the quiet village of Verdillo strategically located within walking distance of these beaches and Carballo 5 minutes, 20 minutes of Coruña and Santiago de Compostela to 35 minutes.

           Under stones, its oaks and figs Casa da Chavella has been tastefully renovated to become a luxury tourist home for all who want to relax and unwind from the daily grind in Galicia.

           Each element has been designed and saved a nice story behind, most of the furniture has been designed by the owners, passionate design and travel that have made staying at this country house, a real rustic home chic.

A Casa da Chavella, is a luxurious country house to enjoy the rustic chic style of life.




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